William “Griff” Griffin, DDS

Dr. William Griffin has been a CMDA member for almost four decades and has served as Vice President for Dental Ministries since 2019. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and received his DDS degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. During his private practice career, Dr. Griffin cared for the dentally needy in serving as dental director and board chairman for the Lackey Clinic in Yorktown, Virginia. Additionally, he has enjoyed international opportunities to spread the love of Christ through serving on about 60 dental mission trips. His career in healthcare has led him to discover the strong ties between physical health and spiritual health, and he currently serves as Director of CMDA’s Faith Prescriptions video resource to help Christian caregivers share the love of Christ with their patients.

Traveling from Yorktown, Virginia


  1. Faith Prescriptions: Equipping Healthcare Professionals for Christ-centered Care
  2. Science, Faith and Healthcare: Unapologetic Apologetics for the Christian Caregiver
  3. Dental Mission Trips: International Care in Jesus' Name

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