WPDC Pulse: June 2022

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WPDC Pulse: May 2022

There were several students and residents at the national convention with whom I was able to make a connection. They have so much zeal and enthusiasm! We look forward to collaborating with them through WPDC and continue to grow our resident/student council, as well as the mentoring program, which now has 41 pairs! The Lord is good!
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WPDC Pulse: April 2022

Patience truly pays off! That is, waiting with the right attitude and trusting the Lord to work out your situation. He can do a much better job than we can anyway. His timing may seem slow at first, but, in actuality, He is never late. He is Sovereign and works everything out for good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!
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WPDC Pulse: March 2022

Just yesterday my patience was tested, and I can gladly say I responded (this time) with the right attitude—finally! The contractors came to install a new garage for my grandmother’s house. They tore out the old door, all the fixtures and the motor, only to find that the new door was too small!
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WPDC Pulse: February 2022

I want to encourage you instead to use these three words—Thank You, God—to change what is coming out of your mouth. If you put this into practice, naming what you are thankful to the Lord for, you will find that you have more peace, hope and joy each day.
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