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June 22, 2022

Four Hidden Costs of Not Having a Will


If you are among the majority of Americans without a will or trust, chances are good that at least one of two “costs” have gotten in the way: time and money.

Perhaps you have said or thought something like this…

I just haven’t had the time to get a will” or “I’m not sure I can afford to get a will.”

But have you considered the hidden time and financial costs of not having a will in place?

  1. Court – In the absence of a will or trust, your lifetime of resources will be subject to a lengthy legal process to determine who gets what. Not only will this delay distributions, but it could mean that a larger portion of your estate will go toward court and legal fees.
  1. Complications – Many people assume their resources will automatically go to their spouse, children or next of kin. That’s not always the case! Depending on where you reside, your state has a matrix to decide where your distributions go, and it may not align with your wishes, especially if you have charitable intentions!
  1. Conflict – All families face conflict at one time or another, and tensions run especially high in times of grief and uncertainty. By documenting and communicating your intentions well in advance, you can protect your loved ones from unnecessary worry and strife.
  1. Chaos – What were your intentions? Who should benefit from your plan? Who is in charge of making decisions? Did you have any documents in place, and, if so, where can they found? Without a plan in place, your loved ones will have far more questions than answers.

Ready for some good news? 

Have time and money been the barriers to putting your will in place? Through our partnership with Barnabas Foundation, you have access to tools and resources to simply and easily get your will completed.

Learn more by calling Paul Montgomery at 423-844-1000 or emailing

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