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Top 6 Reasons to Join CMDA

You've heard about the impactful work and ministry of CMDA, but why become a part of this movement and ministry? Here are the top 6 reasons.

Support a National Movement

Joining CMDA allows you to help support a movement & ministry that impacts healthcare professionals, reaches out to healthcare students & brings the gospel around the world to underserved areas through medicine.

Access to Tools & Resources

Through CMDA you'll access essential resources that will help you grow and flourish as a healthcare professional and will equip you to integrate your faith as you practice medicine.

Influence National Influencers

As a member of CMDA you leverage the impact of a collective voice that helps shape ethical and medical issues in the public square.

Network with other Professionals

CMDA is the largest community of Christian healthcare professionals in the U.S. and provides a unique community in which you connect and network with other Christians in healthcare.

Get Needed Support & Connection

Serving Christ within healthcare brings extraordinary pressures. CMDA provides resources, coaching and support for those struggling with burnout and other related needs and issues.

Make an Impact in Your Community

By supporting CMDA you help us provide resources, equip volunteers and bring staff to local healthcare communities. CMDA is committed to serve where you live, work and worship.

Why CMDA Matters...

"CMDA provides a much-needed voice for Christians in the medical professions—both inward (support and encouragement and service to members) and outward (to the watching world and the healthcare industry at large). Thank God for CMDA." – Tim B.

"So thrilled to see such a forum connecting Christian health professionals." – Irene S.

"This is an organization which, since my beginning Medical School in 1978, has helped remind me of my reason for being in medicine and my reason for living: to know Christ and to make Him known" – Bruce G.

Contact Us

NOTE: CMDA does not provide healthcare services. The mission of CMDA is to educate, encourage and equip Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God. If you are seeking healthcare services, we provide a member search directory on this page that you can use to find a healthcare professional in your area.

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