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Why Christian Healthcare Professionals Need Encouragement, Education, and Equipping for Today's Moral Climate...

Dimming of the Light

Fewer than one in 10 Americans talk about God, faith, religion or spirituality even once a week (8%)—and only an additional 15 percent do so once a month. In fact, the average Christian adult says they only have about one spiritual conversation a year.

[Barna Group, 2018]


More Unethical Healthcare Behaviors

In a decade-long study, nearly all instances (280 cases) showed repeated occurrences (97%) of intentional wrongdoing. 99% of instances were by males in nonacademic medical settings and 90% of them with a selfish motive such as financial gain or sex.

[PubMed, 2019]

Physician Burnout & Stress Epidemic

42 percent of all physicians reported high levels of burnout, with 15 percent experiencing some level of colloquial or clinical depression. 5 percent of those surveyed admitted the stress caused them to make errors that cause harm to their patients.

[Medscape, 2020]

Increased Fear of Malpractice Laswsuits

84.7 percent of physicians have over-prescribed, over-treated or un-necessarily ordered unneeded tests as a result of their increased fears of malpractice accusations.

[Johns Hopkins, 2017]

You can help Christian healthcare students & professionals practice with ethical standards and share their faith as a part of patient treatment.
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