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Why Christian Healthcare Professionals Need Encouragement, Education and Equipping

Dimming of the Light


Fewer than one in 10 Americans talk about God, faith, religion or spirituality even once a week (8 percent)—and only an additional 15 percent do so once a month. In fact, the average Christian adult says they only have about one spiritual conversation a year. [Barna Group, 2018]

More Diversity Needed


Only 4 percent of physicians are Black even though Blacks comprise 13 percent of the population. Less than 7 percent of recent medical school graduates are Black. [The National Bureau of Economic Research, 2018]

Physician Burnout & Stress Epidemic


42 percent of all physicians reported high levels of burnout, with 15 percent experiencing some level of colloquial or clinical depression. 5 percent of those surveyed admitted the stress caused them to make errors that cause harm to their patients. [Medscape, 2020]

Increased Fear of Malpractice Lawsuits


84.7 percent of physicians have over-prescribed, over-treated or un-necessarily ordered unneeded tests as a result of their increased fears of malpractice accusations. [Johns Hopkins, 2017]

You can help Christian healthcare students & professionals practice with ethical standards and share their faith as a part of patient treatment.
Why CMDA Matters...

"CMDA provides a much-needed voice for Christians in the medical professions—both inward (support and encouragement and service to members) and outward (to the watching world and the healthcare industry at large). Thank God for CMDA." – Tim B.

"So thrilled to see such a forum connecting Christian health professionals." – Irene S.

"This is an organization which, since my beginning Medical School in 1978, has helped remind me of my reason for being in medicine and my reason for living: to know Christ and to make Him known" – Bruce G.

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