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One of the most common reasons healthcare professionals give for not joining or renewing their membership is that they do not have time to be involved. Membership does not obligate you to participate in any of the ministries of CMDA. All of the many ministries of CMDA are here for you, to serve you, when or if you need them, either for you personally, for your practice, or in serving others.
Are you wondering, whether or not you benefit personally if your membership counts? Consider this:
  • Who else mentors the next generation of Christian healthcare professionals? CMDA has campus ministry on more than 280 campuses.
  • Who else gives professional support to nearly 1,000 full-time healthcare missionaries? CMDA provides publications and conferences to meet the specific needs of members serving overseas.
  • Who else addresses issues important to Christian healthcare professionals to national leaders and the media? CMDA has demonstrated effectiveness in these areas.

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We know our members have unique needs based on their professional and personal lives. That’s why we offer various categories of membership.

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