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Practicing Healthcare Professionals in These Areas:

MD (medicine), DO (osteopathic medicine), DDS (dental surgery),
DMD (dental medicine), DPM (podiatric medicine), OD (optometry)
  • Age: Up to 39   $5,000
  • Age: 40-49   $4,000
  • Age: 50-59   $3,000
  • Age: 60-65   $1,500
  • Age: 65+   $1,250

Practicing Healthcare Professionals in These Areas:

Physician assistants, Nurses, Nurse practitioners, Physical rehab specialists,
Dental hygienists, Pharmacists, Healthcare administrators,
Mental health coordinators, Academic PhDs
  • Age: Up to 39   $2,000
  • Age: 40-49   $1,500
  • Age: 50-59   $1,100
  • Age: 60-65   $600
  • Age: 65+   $500

If you are a member and have recently paid annual or automatic monthly dues:

Call CMDA Member Services for prorated lifetime membership

"Do you know how much your Lifetime Membership in CMDA is changing the lives of healthcare students and professionals? And do you know the impact your investment as a Lifetime Member is making as we bring the hope and healing of Christ to the world? Because of you, CMDA is able to educate, encourage and equip healthcare professionals to be the hands and feet of Jesus."

- CEO, Mike Chupp, MD

Exclusive Lifetime Member Benefits

Member Benefit Savings
Up to 60% Savings Over Membership Lifespan

The earlier you become a lifetime member of CMDA, the more savings over time. Even if you are over 65 years old, you will still see between 10%-20% dues savings and even more, as there are dues rate increases.
You're locked-in for life.

Lifetime Member Videos
Exclusive Lifetime-Member-Only Video Messages

From both CMDA's leadership and other CMDA ministries, special video Q&A sessions, podcasts, livestream events, audio files and other resources reserved exclusively for our lifetime members.

Lifteime Member Reception
Annual VIP Reception at the National Convention

Lifetime members receive an annual special invitation to join CMDA leadership and other ministry leaders for a private gathering during the CMDA National Convention with an opportunity to spend time together.

Lifetime Member Resources
Dedicated Print & Electronic Resources

Resources available only to lifetime members such as articles, white papers, special offers, downloadable presentations, and other items provided on a routine basis.

Lifetime Member Certificate
Lifetime Certificate, Lapel Pin and More

Wear your lapel pin to exclusive events as you read your free, CEO signed copy of Servant Leadership, by David Stevens and Bert Jones.

Members Access
First Access to New Courses in the Learning Center

Access to the first releases of special courses, webinars and other content created for the CMDA Learning Center. 

"Why am I a Lifetime Member? Since knowing Christ, sharing my faith has been central in and a natural part of my life. And that lines up with the vision for CMDA. As I tell my brothers and sisters in the faith, if you sit beside me and are open to conversation, you will learn about two things: health and the Gospel, and not always in that order."

- Tom, Lifetime CMDA Member

How can I apply for CMDA lifetime membership?

To become a lifetime member of CMDA go to , choose your age category and provide credit card info.  Or you may call CMDA Member Services at 888-230-2637.   

How much does CMDA lifetime membership cost?

CMDA lifetime membership is based on your age and whether you are a physician, dentist or associate member.  It is a one-time cost that covers you for life.

What are the eligibility criteria for CMDA lifetime membership?

To be eligible for CMDA lifetime membership, you need to be a current member or agree to CMDA’s Statement of Faith.