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Chapel Ministry

Come join us for chapel! Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, CMDA staff members gather for a time of worship and prayer, followed by a challenging message. We are pleased to make these chapel services available to you online HERE. If these messages are an encouragement to you, please feel free to share this resource with someone else.

CMDA’s Chapels on the Web is a production of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations. The opinions expressed by guests in Chapel are not necessarily endorsed by the Christian Medical & Dental Associations. CMDA is a non-partisan organization that does not endorse political parties or candidates for public office.

Tale of Two Sacrifices

Bill Griffin, DDS shares about how the act of faith isn't the important thing, it is the object of our faith that matters most.
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Following Christ

Bert Jones shares about what it really means & costs to follow Jesus plus explains the difference between finding Christ and following Him.
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Stop Signs in Scripture

Bert Jones shares about the warnings in scripture when God tells us to stop doing things that take us away from the path He has prepared for us.
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History of Christian Revivals

Gene Rudd, MD shares about the history of revivals in the Christian church and explores the notion of a formula to get revival to happen.
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Holy Spirit

Jeff Barrows, DO shares about the Holy Spirit being the person most responsible for our spiritual development outside of ourselves.
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Anchored in Hope pt.3

Bill Reichart shares about Hope in the Lord pointing to a better future where all things are set right.
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Prayer Ministry

We covet your prayers for our ministry as we seek to change hearts in healthcare. Will you join with us by praying for the ministries of CMDA on a daily basis?

How can we pray for you? Please fill out the form below to share your prayer requests with us and we will share your requests with our staff members who will lift up your requests during our regularly scheduled chapel services.

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