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Caring for You While You Care for Others

If you are a Christian healthcare professional, The CMDA Center for Well-Being is for YOU! You pour yourself out for others every day…this is a place to be refilled! We want to help you align with God, optimize your well-being and maximize your influence.  We want to help you find the “sweet spot” of life again, to help you find or regain what The Bible calls “Shalom.”

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being would like to extend a discount to the Christian Medical & Dental Associations® members to join their virtual conference on July 28th - 30th. The conference aims to support clinicians and healthcare systems by providing resources addressing the areas of business and quality, culture, resilience and learning. For more conference information and to register please click here. To take advantage of the Ada member discount, please use this code: CMDADISC.

Well-being Resources

Helping you face the reality of burnout in healthcare.

Life & Leadership Coaching: Find out how you can get involved with a CMDA Life & Leadership coach for one-on-one help in facing burnout and other struggles.

Assessment Question

Take the Free CMDA Well-Being Assessment!

Additional Resources

Questions to Ponder:

  1. What am I thankful for?
  2. What’s on my mind?
  3. How am I feeling?
  4. What is God showing me?
  5. How am I caring for myself?
  • Life & Leadership Coaching
  • Well-being Assessment
  • Healthcare Worker Stress | Managing Stress
  • Trauma and Resilience Handbook
  • National Academy of Medicine
  • Side-by-Side Ministry
  • Medical Missions
  • Coalition for Physician Well-being
  • Psalms to Counteract Fear and Stress
  • American Medical Association
  • Isaiah 26.3-4
  • Psalm 46:1-2
  • 2 Corinthians 4:16-18