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CMDA's Dental Ministries is dedicated to encouraging and supporting dentists in living out their Christian faith in their professional and personal lives. We are an outreach that encourages and supports dental professionals and students as they strive to integrate their Christian faith into all aspects of their lives, while providing opportunities for training and equipping.

We are expanding our ministry, services and resources for our dental members, as well as intensifying our outreach in dental schools across the country. Students are an integral part of our ministry. Top leaders in dentistry from across the nation come together at the Emerging Leaders in Dentistry Symposium to train dental students to become a Christ-centered leader. Resources specific to students can be found at

Billgriffin Portrait

Dr. William Griffin serves as the Vice President for Dental Ministries at CMDA. A member of CMDA since dental school, he has served on the Dental Advisory Council since 2013. He averages about four dental mission trips each year, and he is also a big fan of CMDA's Grace Prescriptions Conferences. Dr. Griffin and his wife Linda have been married for 35 years.

Jeff Amstutz

Dr. Jeff Amstutz serves as the Vice President for Dental Education, Peter E. Dawson Chair of Dentistry. His primary focus is the development of a Christian Dental Residency program to train dentists to help the underserved, both domestically and internationally. Jeff's passion for ministry and dental experience both in the US and in Africa have well-prepared him for this endeavor.

Pete Dawson

CMDA expanded its Dental Ministries in partnership with the late Dr. Pete Dawson, and the chair position was renamed in his honor. An immensely popular dentist and lecturer, Dr. Dawson founded The Dawson Academy, a renowned training center that has provided continuing dental education courses for practicing dental professionals for more than 30 years.


Gary Beaudreau, DMD
Northeast Regional
Dental Coordinator


Katie Musser, DMD
Midwest Regional
Dental Coordinator


Lee Bridgeman, DDS
Southern Regional
Dental Coordinator


Malieka Johnson, DDS
Western Regional
Dental Coordinator

Dental Residency [+]

CMDA Dental Residency [+] is preparing a generation of dental disciples to go throughout the United States and the World providing excellent quality dental care to the poor in the name of Jesus.

The dental providers and staff at the CMDA Dental Residency [+] believe we are commissioned by Christ to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. (Eph. 4:11-13) Our work is to prepare dentists to serve the dental needs of the poor in urban centers of the United States and the far reaches of the globe. We equip dentists not with gear, but skills, character and community that will last much longer.

Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) has joined forces with Christ Community Health Services (CCHS) to equip dental disciples for service!


A three-year residency [+] program training and equipping dentists to provide excellent dental care to the poor domestically and internationally in response to the call of Jesus to preach the gospel and heal the sick.

Residency Year
Complete the (Lutheran Medical Center) NYU Langone AEGD Residency in Memphis, TN while living in community and receiving clinical training at Christ Community Health Services (CCHS).

[+] 1 and [+] 2 Years
Hired as a dentist at CCHS for 2 years with a month-long international rotation, training other residents, learning about practice management, discipleship and growing in leadership.

  • Join a tight community of like-minded residents and others associated with Christ Community Health Services.
  • Earn an AEGD certificate from (Lutheran Medical Center) NYU Langone .
  • Receive a resident stipend in year 1 and a dentist salary in years 2 and 3. (as a resident).
  • Intensive clinical training with a mentor dentist in an urban dental clinic among the underserved.
  • Access to training opportunities through the nationwide CMDA network.
  • Upon completion of the AEGD Residency, join Christ Community as a full-time dentist for [+] 1 and [+] 2 Years with a salary based on average compensation in other community health centers.
  • Eligible for loan repayment through the National Health Service Corps in [+] 1 and [+] 2 Years.
  • One month paid international rotation in [+] 1 Year.
  • Intensive practice management and residency program leadership in [+] 2 Year.
  • Be commissioned out to serve others through dentistry in the name of Jesus at our annual resident retreat.

For more information or to apply please visit

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Other Resources

Our dental audio, video and print resources are specifically designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to effectively serve the Lord in your life and your dental community. These are only just a small selection of the resources available through CMDA, so please visit CMDA's Resources for more information.


New VP of Dental Ministry-Bill Griffin, DDS

David Stevens, MD welcomes the newest member of the CMDA staff, Vice President of Dental Ministries, Bill Griffin, DDS.


The Dental Impact
A bi-monthly e-newsletter for our dental members.

Today's Christian Doctor
A print magazine for healthcare professionals, including articles for dental professionals.

Related Publications
A variety of articles and other resources for dental professionals.


Are you interested in having one of CDA's recommended speakers join you at your next event? For more information or to list your speaking event, contact CMDA's Dental Ministries.

Recommended Speakers

Van B. Haywood, DMD

Van B. Haywood, DMD, is a professor in the Department of Oral Rehabilitation at the School of Dentistry, Medical College of Georgia. Since 2005, he has served as the school’s Director of Continuing Education. He has served as a member and contributor to several organizations, including serving as the Associate Editor of the Esthetics Section of the Journal of the American Dental Association. He has completed research and more than 135 publications on the NGVB technique and the topic of bleaching and esthetics. He is listed in the “Top Leaders in Continuing Education” for the United States by Dental Products Report. His book Tooth Whitening: Indications and Outcomes of Nightguard Vital Bleaching is available at

DeWitt Wilkerson, DMD

Dentist and Senior Lecturer, Dawson Academy for Advanced Dental Study; St. Petersburg, Florida

Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson is a 1982 graduate of the University of Florida, College of Dentistry. He now serves as the senior lecturer at the Dawson Academy for Advanced Dental Study and is also an adjunct professor at the University of Florida, College of Dentistry. Dr. Wilkerson is the immediate past president of the American Equilibration Society.

William Griffin, DDS

William Griffin, DDS, is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. He has practiced dentistry in Newport News, Virginia since 1983 and has been a member of CMDA since 1981. Dr. Griffin enjoys three to four international dental mission trips a year, and he also encourages other to become involved through a website he created, In addition, he volunteers his time as the dental director and President of the Board of the Lackey Free Clinic, a Christian medical-dental ministry in Yorktown, Virginia. Dr. Griffin also serves as a member of the CDA Dental Advisory Board, and he has written articles for Today’s Christian Doctor. He and his wife Linda have two children, Katherine and Will, Jr.

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