Dental Soundbytes

Ukraine Dental Outreach

September 9, 2022

Drs. John Pfefferle and Phil Aday joined forces to provide care for orphans and refugees in Ukraine.

Canadian Christian Dental Ministry Launched

August 5, 2022

Dr. Katrina “Kate” Brouwer, ICMDA Dental Ministry Manager of Canada, shares her vision for establishing dental ministry across Canada.  Check it out – eh?

CMDA Stewardship Development

July 1, 2022

George Courtney and Jamie Mijeski of CMDA’s Stewardship Department share practical advice on financial stewardship and serving God rather than mammon.

Recognizing and Dealing with Stress

June 7, 2022

Steve Sartori, MD, the former Director of CMDA’s Center for Well-being, shares timeless wisdom to equip us for dealing with the inevitable stresses of our profession.

Student Ambassadors for Christ

May 15, 2022

Dental students Tanner “TJ” Swanson and Caroline Miller share their vision of serving Christ through dentistry, which is developing along with their clinical skills.

Kevin L. Aduddell, DDS – Faith in the Practice

March 1, 2022

Kevin Aduddell, DDS, who led Episode 15 of CMDA’s Faith Prescriptions video resource, challenges us to recognize and attend to both the dental and spiritual needs of our patients.

Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, RDH, BS, MBA – Do It All As To The Lord

January 15, 2022

episode 26

Gary Beaudreau, DMD – Veteran Dentist Inspires the Next Gen

September 7, 2021

episode 25

Malieka Johnson, DDS – A Multi-talented Dentist meeting Special Needs

September 7, 2021

episode 24

Lee Bridgeman, DDS – Many Gifts, One Goal

July 21, 2021

episode 23

Katie Musser, DMD – From Resident to Preceptor

July 21, 2021

episode 22

Dental Advice – Steve Cartin

May 17, 2021

episode 21

Placement Service – Allen Vicars

May 17, 2021

episode 20

Unpacking Short-Term Dental Mission Trip Involvement – Greg Griffin, DMD

March 24, 2021

episode 18

Timeless Principles of Dental Practice Management – Scott Bedichek, DDS, MS, ThM

March 24, 2021

episode 19

Building a Clinic in Africa – Dr. Caren Abraham, DDS

January 18, 2021

episode 16

CMDA Student and Local Ministry Groups – Rev. Bill Reichart

January 18, 2021

episode 15

Call to the Middle East – Adam Algam, DDS

October 15, 2020

episode 14

Dentist to Missionary – Michael O’Callaghan, DDS

October 15, 2020

episode 13

Blake Westra, DMD & Tracie Liang, DDS: CMDA Exposed

August 15, 2020

episode 12

Van Haywood, DMD: Whitening Plus

June 15, 2020

episode 11

Mick Williams, CMDA IT Director: Keeping Your Practice Cybersafe

June 15, 2020

episode 10

Scott Phillips, Mdiv: Local Ministry Dynamics

April 15, 2020

episode 9

Pascal Magne, DMD, Ph.D: Exquisite Esthetic Dentistry

April 15, 2020

episode 8

Bill Angus, DDS: Local CMDA Chapter Involvement

February 14, 2020

episode 6

Steve Sartori, MD: Recognizing & Dealing with Stress

February 14, 2020

episode 5

A Better Way – Peter Dawson, DDS

February 13, 2020

The surprising path to a complete life with Peter Dawson, DDS

Elizabeth Flaherty, D4: Stupid Joy

February 13, 2020

episode 7

Witt Wilkerson, DMD: Health Centered Dentistry

December 17, 2019

episode 4

Jeff Amstutz, DDS: Dental Residency + Program

October 10, 2019

episode 3

Trish Burgess, MD: Global Health Outreach

October 10, 2019

episode 2

Colonel Bob Myer, DMD: Dental Missions

August 19, 2019

episode 1

2019 ELDS sound bytes

August 19, 2019

Selected excerpts from the CMDA’s 2019 Emerging Leaders in Dentistry Symposium.

New VP of Dental Ministry-Bill Griffin, DDS

January 1, 1970

David Stevens, MD welcomes the newest member of the CMDA staff, Vice President of Dental Ministries, Bill Griffin, DDS.