Salt and Light in Healthcare

Dr. Walt Larimore is hosted by Dr. Bill Griffin and Dr. Mike Chupp in this podcast, which was previously released as a CMDA Matters episode.  Dr. Larimore has been a pioneer for spiritual interventions in healthcare since 1995, when he co-led (along with Pastor Bill Peel) the Saline Solution resource.  Hear how this first resource came about and how Christians in healthcare can best address their patients’ spiritual needs.




About Our Guest(s)

Walt Larimore, MD

Walt Larimore, MD is an internationally recognized family physician and educator. He provided 40 years of patient care before retiring in 2021, delivering over 1,500 babies during his career.  During that time Dr. Larimore served on the adjunct faculty of several medical schools and family medicine residencies.  He is also a prolific author and has written, co-written, or edited forty-one books, thirty medical textbook chapters, and over 1,200 articles in a variety of medical journals and lay magazines.  Of particular interest to CMDA is his valuable work in creating the Saline Solution and Grace Prescriptions resources, which have helped Christian healthcare professionals around the world to provide spiritual care to their patients.

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