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Jake Morris Md

Jacob R. Morris, MD

“I went into medicine with a desire to follow in the footsteps of Christ, the Great Physician. But medical training has been arduous. CMDA reminds me to keep first things first and wake up every day and live out Christ’s powerful words, Follow me. CMDA has been an incredible blessing in my life and I am committed to serving with and through CMDA for the rest of my life.”

Jeffrey Doolittle, MD

"I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that CMDA does to support me. I truly feel that CMDA is my ministry and that you are there to support my local ministry. The team may feel the stresses of ministering on the front lines without realizing how important it was to my faith journey to have fellow Christians to connect with a medical school through CMDA." 


George B. Mallory, MD

"I am a proud long-time member. In academic medicine, there are not that many physicians willing to be labeled Christian. To me, it is who I am. I am not ashamed of the gospel even as I am an unworthy ambassador at times." 

Donald K. Wood, MD

CMDA Lifetime Member

"CMDA was and is a very important part of my life and walk with the Lord. It has been and is an encouragement, enablement, and blessing over the years. The relationships are some of the dearest and most cherished of my life." 

John G. Crabill, MD

"Thank you for praying for me. I truly appreciate the good work that CMDA is doing. David Stevens' letter to me when I was a college student is one of the reasons that I went into medicine!"

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From Today's Christian Doctor™

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CMDA: To get us started, tell us a little bit about your background (school, training, personal life, etc.).

HENDRIX AND VICTORIA: We are both from Tampa, Florida, and we met and began dating in high school. We then attended University of Florida together, graduating in 2015. Hendrix double majored in biology and Spanish, and Victoria majored in biology and minored in non-profit leadership. We got married in June 2016, right before moving to Auburn, Alabama and beginning medical school at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine. We are both about to transition into our third year of medical school.

CMDA: When did you first get involved with CMDA?

HENDRIX AND VICTORIA: We heard of CMDA through our school’s chapter and attended their welcome dinner for incoming first years. We began attending men’s and women’s Bible studies, as well as a Bible study for married coupleshosted by our faculty advisor.

CMDA: And how have you been involved since then?

HENDRIX AND VICTORIA: Hendrix served as President of our school’s chapter, and Victoria served as Vice President. In these roles, we led small group Bible studies and planned monthly events for our classmates with local healthcare professionals.

CMDA: Has faith always impacted your life and/or career?

HENDRIX: I grew up in a Catholic family and attended church regularly, but never truly developed a relationship with the Lord until college. Freshman year, I was invited to a campus ministry and began developing my relationship with the Lord. I served with that ministry throughout college and continued to dig deeper in what it means to be a Christian. In college, I may not have fully matured as a Christian, but at that time I definitely knew that wherever I would go and whatever I would do, I would like to bring God with me.

VICTORIA: I did not grow up in a religious home and never thought much about it, but I also began attending the college ministry along with Hendrix. This opened the door for many questions and allowed me to slowly understand my need for the Lord in my life. During the last two years of college, I was part of a Christian sorority, Sigma Phi Lambda, and this community helped me to learn and grow in my faith even more.


HENDRIX AND VICTORIA: Now, as medical students, our faith pushes us to find ways to serve our classmates and shapes the way we see our future career and how we can best treat our patients—not only physically, but also addressing their spiritual needs.

CMDA: What would you say is the biggest way CMDA has impacted your life so far in your healthcare training?

HENDRIX AND VICTORIA: CMDA has provided a starting point to find community, something so vital to success in the chaos of medical school. It also gave us a platform to represent what it means to be a follower of Christ to our classmates. CMDA also keeps us rooted in the things that matter most, reminding us of priorities outside of just school.

CMDA: What’s one of your favorite memories from being involved with the ministries of CMDA?

HENDRIX: My favorite memories are of my weekly men’s small group meetings where we would just do life together, whether that meant digging into the Word, talking about family, praying with one another or just hanging out and playing sports. It seemed like the burdens of the world ceased to exist during those times. In my small group, we have a place where we can go to find an open ear and a place to find a brother ready to walk alongside you in this Christian walk.

VICTORIA: My favorite memories are of our times with local doctors who would share their personal experiences, their struggles and their advice with us. It is always so encouraging to hear from people who are further down the road and see the realities of living out faith within a career in medicine.

CMDA: CMDA’s vision is “Transformed Doctors, Trans-forming the World.” What does that mean to you?

HENDRIX AND VICTORIA: As believers, we are transformed by the sacrifices of Jesus and we are called to live our lives according to the Word of God. Our mission is to go and create disciples of all nations, and our mission field is currently Auburn, Alabama. During medical school, our desire is to bring the love of Christ to all we come in contact with, especially our fellow classmates. As we transition into the hospital, we will bring that same kingdom mindset to each one of our patients and coworkers. The transforming of our minds gives us a unique perspective on the world and changes the lens of how we see ourselves and our patients. I think this continual transformation protects us from the competitive and prideful environment that the medical field can be and reminds us that as physicians we are truly the hands and feet of Jesus—that we are just His humble servants allowing Him to work through us and nothing more.


CMDA: What’s the best advice you can give to others about how to get involved transforming the world for Christ?

HENDRIX AND VICTORIA: I think sometimes we can become paralyzed by the many needs of the world, and we don’t know where to possibly begin. So I think that the best advice is just to do something, anything, and take it one step at a time. Whether it’s taking the time to help a classmate when it means sacrificing your own study time, or greeting a professor with a smile, or taking a day out of your schedule to volunteer somewhere. It can be big or small, but simply let the Lord shine in all that you do by showing patience and grace and compassion. That will open doors and guide you on your way to how you are called to make an impact in this world. But don’t let your big hopes and dreams stop you from doing the little things, because for most people it’s the little things you don’t even realize you are doing that can really mean the world to them. “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” (Colossians 3:23, ESV).

CMDA: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

HENDRIX: Many people ask if it is hard for us to be married and for us both to be in medical school, but we believe being married has only made medical school easier. I could not imagine doing medical school without Victoria by my side, because she makes everything so much more enjoy-able. We have built-in study partners, so studying endless hours is infinitely more enjoyable when it’s full of quirky jokes and delirious laughter. Sure, we get annoyed with each other sometimes, which is inevitable, but the important thing is that we know a fight will never actually come between us and working through the stress of school together makes us so much stronger. At the end of the day, our relationship is more important than medical school, so in terms of priority, spending quality time with my wife beats out school any day. This has been a ministry in itself, as many students struggle to find a balance between work and family. We have been able to use our relationship as an example to them and also as a way to connect with other married couples. I say it time and time again, but having the opportunity to go through medical school with my wife as a fellow classmate is an absolute blessing and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.