Organized Under Christian Medical & Dental Associations®

Christian Physical Rehab Professionals

As a specialty section of CMDA (formerly Christian Physical Therapists International), we are here to encourage, support and build up Christian physical rehab professionals spiritually and professionally.

Christian Surgeons Fellowship

We show the loving care and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ to the children and families we care for, to our staffs and professional colleagues, to our communities and to the world we are called to serve.

Coalition of Christian Nurse Practitioners

We encourage, educate and challenge members of advanced practice nursing to engage in a deeper, more fulfilling walk with our Savior, equipping us to impact the lives of others with the gospel.

Dermatology Section

We strive to enable Christian dermatologists to work together for deeper mutual support and understanding.

Fellowship of Christian Optometrists, International

A not-for-profit evangelical organization of Christian optometrists, optometry students, and allied ophthalmic personnel committed to worldwide eye care missions and intra-professional Christian fellowship.

Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants

Become part of a network of fellow Christian PAs, students, residents, doctors and other healthcare professionals who all face similar professional and personal challenges as you.

Fellowship of Christian Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons (FCPRS)

We encourage, educate and challenge members to engage in a deeper, more fulfilling walk with our Savior, equipping us to impact the lives of others with the gospel.

Neurology Section

The Mission of the Neurology Section is to raise awareness among neurologists, neurology health professionals, neurology residents, fellows and medical students of the great need for neurological care—domestically and globally—and through their response to those needs, to share the gospel.

Psychiatry Section

To promote fellowship and provide community to support and encourage Christian physicians in the practice of psychiatry, as they explore the relationship between their faith and professional practice. To promote within the church the knowledge and understanding of valid psychiatric approaches to mental health and healing, consistent with Christ’s redemptive love.

Ultrasound Education Section

We are a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals and Jesus followers who have a passion for using and teaching ultrasound, with the goal of equipping Christian international healthcare workers to incorporate ultrasound into their practice of medicine in the most challenging of settings.