Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants

Imagine having an entire army of peers to whom you could turn for advice, ideas and support, from a Biblical, Christian perspective. By joining CMDA, and as a member of the PA section, you will become part of a network of fellow Christian PAs, students, residents, doctors and other healthcare professionals who all face similar professional and personal challenges as you.

CMDA currently has 45 ministries functioning under their banner to about 18,000 members. There are over 350 student and graduate groups in 194 cities across the country. Global Health Outreach (GHO), the missions arm of CMDA, sends out over 50 mission teams a year around the globe.

Your support allows CMDA to promote positions and address policies on healthcare issues; conduct overseas medical evangelism projects; coordinate a network of Christian healthcare professionals for fellowship and professional growth; sponsor student ministries in the related healthcare schools; distribute educational and inspirational resources; host marriage and family conferences; provide Third World missionary healthcare professionals with continuing education resources; and conduct academic exchange programs overseas.

You will receive the PA section email newsletter, which is now quarterly but we plan to increase the frequency. Additionally, CMDA has print and electronic resources such as a quarterly journal and monthly podcasts; employment placement services and advertising; access to various CMDA ministries such as marriage retreats; opportunities to develop connections with fellow local members for mentoring and ministry resources; and other items of interest, especially regarding bioethical and moral issues.

FCPA has appreciated the support of its members for over 30 years and as we continue to grow in new directions, we pray that you will grow with us. We live in extraordinary times and coming together as witnesses to His Name has never been more critical.

Join CMDA-FCPA Today!

Join online at www.cmda.org/join or request a packet of information by contacting Member Services.

Feel free to contact our member services team with any questions you may have. They can be reached by email and by phone at 423/844-1000 or toll free at 888/230-2637.

Website Capabilities:

Missions: Reaching the Lost for Christ

FCPA has had a longstanding interest and support for international missions. Many of our members have extensive experience in short-term mission work. What a privilege to carry the gospel message to the least, the last and the lost of our world while meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. "Inasmuch as you did it unto the least of these, you did it unto me" (Matt 25:40)

One significant source of access for this is Global Health Outreach, which is the missions arm of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations. Click here to find team opportunities.

Click here for Mission Matching Grant information.

FCPA Mission Matching Grant

The FCPA seeks to encourage the sending forth of laborers Matthew 9:37-38 into the fields which are white with harvest. This fund was established to offer financial and prayer support to FCPA members who are called by the Lord to medical mission work around His world. Each member of the FCPA is a fellow laborer either as one who sends or one who goes, I Thessalonians 3:2, all to the glory of God.


  • Must be a fellow or student member in good standing of the FCPA for at least one year prior to making application for a matching grant.
  • Must complete an application with recommendations and have it approved by the missions committee.
  • Must not have received a prior matching grant from the FCPA.

Mission grant application:

Grant Procedures:

  • Upon request application is sent to FCPA member via e-mail or regular mail or downloaded off this website.
  • Upon receipt of completed application with two recommendations, missions committee chair distributes application to no less than three designated FCPA members (BOD and/or missions committee).
  • Applicant is notified via e-mail of receipt of application, distribution of same and expected approval timeline.
  • Additional information or clarification may be requested from the applicant by any reviewing member via the missions committee chair.
  • Decision to approve or disapprove applicant request requires a unanimous vote on the part of those reviewing the application.
  • Missions committee chair then contacts applicant and if application approved requests notification of total amount of funding raised by the applicant which determines the match funds given.
  • Missions committee chair then contacts the FCPA treasurer with contact information and check sent to sponsoring non-profit organization designated by the applicant.
  • Grant recipient receives final notification of total matching amount awarded from the missions committee chair.
  • Request made from recipient for follow up article highlighting the work of the Lord during the STM trip to be published in FCPA newsletter upon return.

CMDA’s Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants is a caucus of the AAPA.

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FCPA Chair:
Jonathan Clemens, PA-C

FCPA Chair-Elect:
Jason Grahame, PA-C

FCPA Past Chair:
Sarah Steffens, PA-C

FCPA Secretary:
Emily Spencer, PA-C

FCPA Treasurer:
Jack Pike, PA-C

FCPA Director at Large:
Daryl Turlington, PA-C

FCPA Director at Large:
Karen Harness, PA-C

FCPA Director at Large:
Wally Boeve, PA-C

FCPA Director at Large:
Emily Dudley, PA-C

FCPA Student Liaison:
Sara Perez, PA-S

FCPA Student Liaison:
Hayley Kim, PA-S