Mission Trip Matching Grant

One of the purposes of the FCPA is to equip and encourage members to share their faith in all aspects of life and to glorify God in service to others. One tangible way to share faith and serve others is through mission trips.

The FCPA seeks to encourage the sending forth of laborers (Matthew 9:37-38) into the fields which are white with harvest. This fund was established to offer financial and prayer support to FCPA members in good standing who are called by the Lord to medical mission work around His world. Each member of the FCPA is a fellow laborer either as one who sends or one who goes (I Thessalonians 3:2) all to the glory of God.

  • Graduate PA applicants much be CMDA members for at least 1 year prior to application
  • Student applicants much be CMDA members at the time of the application
  • Must not have received a prior matching grant from the FCPA.

Amounts are determined by the committee based on the need of the applicant and current level of support raised.

  • Individual applicants may receive up to $500.
  •  Group/Team requests may receive up to $1,000 collectively.
  • Applicants will submit the completed grant application [link to form vs. application] and required recommendation letters via e-mail to fcpa@cmda.org
  • Upon receipt of completed application and recommendations, the missions committee chair will distribute the packet to no less than three designated FCPA members (Leadership Council and/or missions committee).
  • The missions committee chair will notify the applicant via e-mail acknowledging the application receipt and an expected review timeline.
  • Additional information or clarification may be requested from the applicant by any reviewing member via the missions committee chair.
  • Decision to approve or disapprove applicant request requires a unanimous vote on the part of those reviewing the application.
  • The missions committee chair will inform the applicant of the committee’s decision. If approved, chair will confirm the amount of need and determine the match funds awarded. The chair will also inform the FCPA treasurer.
  • The FCPA treasurer will request the awarded funds be sent to sponsoring non-profit organization designated by the applicant.
  • After the trip, the grant recipient will contribute to an article highlighting the work of the Lord during the trip to be published in a future FCPA newsletter.
Kelsey N. January 2018 Zimba Mission Hospital, Zambia, Africa
Danica P. August 2017 Nicaragua

CMDA’s Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants is a caucus of the AAPA.