Leadership Requirements

We thank God for the leadership he has graciously provided over the past decades.  We are also grateful that you are interested in learning more about these positions. Below you can find details about each position and the form for declaring candidacy.  Please pray how God would have you participate in this organization.


The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the membership and/or meetings of the Leadership Council.  The Chair shall make an annual report to the membership regarding the section’s activities at the annual meeting of the organization.  The Chair shall also prepare an annual report to be submitted to the CMDA House of Representatives.

The Chair shall appoint committee chairs, subject to approval of the Leadership Council.

The Chair shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except as the Leadership Council may otherwise authorize.

The Chair, with the consent of the Leadership Council shall have the power to establish ad hoc committees.  Each ad hoc committee shall be responsible for the performance of duties assigned, and provide periodic written reports to the Leadership Council.

The Chair shall not serve as Treasurer. 

The term of office for CHair shall be one (1) year.

The Vice-Chair shall serve as such until he/she assumes the office of Chair.  Each term of office shall normally be for a period of one (1) year.  The Vice-Chair shall have such powers and perform such duties as shall be assigned to him/her by the Chair of the Leadership Council. In the event of death or inability to perform the duties of Chair, the Vice-Chair shall assume such office until completion of the expected term, at which time he/she shall become Chair.

Upon completing the term as Vice-Chair, they will assume the office of Chair for a term of one (1) year, followed by a one (1) year term as Immediate Past Chair.

The term of office for Vice-Chair shall be one (1) year.

The outgoing Chair shall become Immediate Past Chair when he/she is succeeded in office by the duly elected Chair. The term of each office shall normally be one (1) year.  The Immediate Past Chair shall have such powers and perform such duties as shall be assigned to him/her by the Chair of the Leadership Council. 

The term of office for Immediate Past Chair shall be one (1) year.

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the section, and be responsible for section communications as approved by the President or the Leadership Council, and shall notify all members of all meetings of the membership.  The Secretary shall serve as a member of the membership committee if one is active.

The term of office for Secretary shall be for two (2) years.

The Treasurer shall maintain accurate records of the financial status of the organization, including contributions and gifts from members that are deposited into the section’s CMDA accounts.  The Treasurer will receive monthly statements from the financial officers of CMDA, and forward them to the Leadership Council.  The Treasurer will serve as chair of the Finance Committee if such committee exists.

More than one office may be held by the same person except the President shall not serve as Treasurer.

The term of office for Treasurer shall be for two (2) years.

The delegate shall participate in any HOD business throughout the year and shall represent the section at the annual House of Delegates meeting. 

The delegate will report any HOD business activity to the Leadership Council.

The delegate will present a report of the upcoming resolutions to be voted on at the annual HOD meeting to the Leadership Council approximately 4 weeks prior to the annual HOD meeting. The Leadership will then discuss and vote on each resolution. The delegate will represent the Section by voting in accordance with the majority of votes by the Leadership Council. The delegate will then provide a written summary of the decisions made at the annual HOD meeting to the Leadership Council within 2 weeks of that meeting. 

The delegate may present resolutions to the HOD that have been pre-approved by the Leadership Council. 

The delegate shall notify the Leadership Council and appoint an alternate delegate if he or she is unable to participate in any portion of the HOD meeting. 

The term of office for the AAPA HOD representative shall be for one (1) year starting June 1.

Directors-At-Large shall assist with all policy decisions of the Leadership Council, and help set policy for the section.  Directors will serve in other capacities as determined by the President and/or Leadership Council.

The term of office for Director-At-Large shall be for two (2) years.

A first- and second-year student Director shall be elected.  The Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of the section and shall serve their term until his/her successor takes office.

The term of office for Student Director shall be for two (2) years.­

*Required to be members in good standing of both the CMDA & AAPA.


To be considered for a position of the FCPA Leadership, one must declare their candidacy. Individuals may also be recommended to the current Leadership Council by current members or self-declare their candidacy. The Leadership Council will reach out to individuals recommended to inquire about their interest to serve. The following form must be filled out and submitted to fcpa@cmda.org by the first week of April for consideration and inclusion in the general election.

FCPA Declaration Of Candidacy For Elected Positions


FCPA members who are interested in serving the Fellowship in an elected leadership position should follow the steps below:

  • Review the duties for the office of interest
  • Through prayer and counsel, seek the Lord’s will in the matter
  • Respond to the call for candidates extended by current section Chair
    • Call to be sent via e-mail to membership in March and should remain open for a minimum of 2 weeks
    • Nominations of individuals for an open position should be done in writing to the current Leadership early in the process with sufficient lead time to explore the individual’s interest in serving the Fellowship
  • Along with their declaration (or once a nominee has agreed to be a candidate) the following shall be provided for distribution to the membership via e-mail with the call for election votes:
    • Personal statement of faith attesting to an ongoing, personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ
      • NOTE: Providing evidence of one’s salvation experience and personal growth to date is intended to ensure Leadership cohesion and unanimity
    • A statement identifying the candidate’s reason/motivation for serving the fellowship in the specific position for which they declared.


General elections will occur electronically approximately 4 weeks prior annual general membership meeting held in conjunction with the AAPA national convention. Members are allowed one vote in the process and proxy voting is allowed. A simple majority of eligible votes cast during online voting shall be required to elect an individual to an office, regardless if the position is contested or uncontested.

If no candidate receives a majority, the top two candidates will participate in an immediate electronic run-off election.

The terms of the new officers (except the AAPA HOD representative) shall begin at the conclusion of the annual general membership business meeting held during the AAPA conference. The AAPA HOD representative will serve from July 1 – June 30.


Elected leadership positions will hold office until their successors are elected and begin their terms of office. Positions that do not receive nominations or become vacant may be filled as follows:

  • The Leadership Council may nominate a qualified member to fill a vacant Director at Large vacancy, which must be approved unanimously by the remaining Leadership Council.
  • The Leadership Council will solicit nominations to fill a vacant Executive Committee position to be submitted to the membership for a vote via a Special Election.
  • Should no declarations or nominations be made for a position before the elections, the Leadership may allow for them to be taken at the general membership meeting provided the personal statement of faith and reason for service have been provided.
    • The current Chair will preside over the elections
    • Only present members will be eligible to vote and will cast a single secret ballot
    • A simple majority of votes will elect the candidate to the position, regardless of whether seat is contested or uncontested
    • If no candidate receives a majority, after a period of time of prayer, a run-off vote will be held

Vacancies filled will hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term.

CMDA’s Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants is a caucus of the AAPA.