Christian Healthcare Professionals Search Terms and Conditions

The Christian Healthcare Professionals Search uses our extensive member database to return names and contact information of physicians and dentists matching your search criteria. CMDA strongly enforces the confidentiality of our members' public and personal information. By performing a search on our member database with one or both of these tools, you, the user, understand and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • The Christian Healthcare Professionals Search is provided solely for the purpose of helping individuals locate a Christian doctor in their area.
  • The information provided through either search tool may not be copied, redistributed, or otherwise used in any way that will advance the financial interests of the user.
  • The Christian Medical & Dental Associations make no warranty, expressed or implied, nor accept any liability for any of the information in our member database, or the use of that information.
  • Misuse of the Christian Healthcare Professionals Search tool, as deemed by the terms listed above, may result in the suspension of CMDA membership and/or legal prosecution against the user.