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Life & Leadership Coaching for balance in addressing the issues of everyday life.

You are overloaded with seemingly no relief in sight. But you’re not alone…

We Coach Individuals, Teams & Train New Coaches

Coaching is a process that helps individuals get from where they are to where they would like to be.



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M. Scott Peck, in his book, “The Road Less Travelled," began with this sentence: ‘Life is difficult.’ And, certainly no doctor has to be convinced of the challenges facing physicians and dentists in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. CMDA Coaching has been developed specifically for Christian doctors whose life foundations and core values are rooted in the practice of medicine and dentistry from a distinctively Christian perspective. In essence, our coaching is focused on helping individuals get from where they are to where they believe God would like them to be. We know and understand that life is difficult for anyone in the healthcare vocation, and CMDA Coaching specializes in helping doctors navigate the mountains and valleys of their busy lives, lives that can easily seem ‘out-of-balance.’


Are you so busy at work that you struggle to spend time with your family? Perhaps you are feeling the pressure at work to see more and more patients. Or maybe you haven’t made it to church in months because you have too many responsibilities and now you just found out you’re being hit with a medical malpractice case. You’re on overload, life is spinning out of control and there doesn’t seem to be any hope or end in sight. Does this sound like you? If so, one thing is for certain. You are not alone. Christian healthcare professionals across the world just like you are facing increasing pressures within a rapidly changing healthcare environment. And just like you, they are left feeling discouraged, dissatisfied, depressed and despondent. Others feel a strong sense of isolation without anywhere to turn for support or encouragement. It ends up with some changing careers, retiring early or even seeking relief in a variety of other, oftentimes unhealthy, ways. But there is an answer. And we are here to help you.


Dr. Steve Sartori


Dr. Steve Sartori is a physician life and leadership coach, who helps doctors and other healthcare professionals align with God, optimize well-being and maximize influence.

A graduate of The Medical College of Wisconsin, he has been CEO of a private group practice, chief of staff at two hospitals, faculty member for a family medicine residency program, and chief medical officer for a faith-based community health center. He has served CMDA as a board member and treasurer, and has participated in mission trips to Jamaica, Thailand, Romania, Kenya, and Eswatini. He is married, with two adult children, and enjoys traveling and sports. An avid fan of the Green Bay Packers, he can sometimes be seen wearing a cheesehead.

"I needed a coach who would listen, clarify, reframe and challenge my perspective in several difficult situations, and then help move me from a new understanding of my situation to action. After several years of working with Steve Sartori through the CMDA life coach program, I can honestly say that I feel incredibly blessed and privileged to be the recipient of his coaching. I hope the CMDA coaching ministry will continue to grow and be able to serve others as it has served me.”

Dr. Ann Tsen


Internist, Coach for Women Physicians & Dentists

Ann Tsen is an internist who coaches women physicians and dentists to help them tap in to and live out all that God has poured in to them. Her passion is to empower women physicians and dentists to clarify and reach their goals, and then reach farther to pursue their God-given calling and dreams.

Her experience in coaching has shown that women physicians and dentists find fresh energy and joy when their daily lives begin to line up with their unique gifting, strengths and core values.

Many women hesitate to invest time and energy into their own personal growth. Dr. Tsen has seen that when a woman physician or dentist takes the proactive step to work with a coach, the benefits multiply outward as that fresh energy and joy positively impact her family, patients, colleagues and everyone within her circle of influence.

Dr. Tsen began coaching several years ago after discovering coaching through a one-day seminar provided by CMDA. She began using a coaching approach in her relationships with the many medical students she has mentored over the years. Seeing the growing impact coaching had on the lives of students and feeling a call to pursue certification, Ann then undertook advanced training and now works as a professional coach focusing on women in medicine. In addition to being a member of CMDA’s Coaching Ministry Advisory Council, her CMDA leadership experience includes serving with her husband as campus advisors to the local CMDA student group, hosting monthly dinner meetings for students and graduates since 2001. She has also worked with the Women in Medicine and Dentistry ministry as an Advisory Council member and national conference worship leader. At the 2014 WIMD conference in Philadelphia, Ann presented a workshop on coaching. After meeting with several of the attendees during and after the conference, she gained new insights into the power of Christian coaching centered on the unique needs and challenges of women physicians and dentists.

In addition to coaching, Ann volunteers part time at a free Christian clinic for the underserved where she acts as a medical student preceptor and a member of the clinic leadership team. She has also worked as a staff physician and clinical instructor at VA Hospitals and volunteered for a year at a hospital in the Middle East. She and her physician husband have two college-aged children and live in the Pacific Northwest. Ann enjoys singing, cycling, gardening and walking on the beach.

“I was burning out as a physician and contemplating ways to quit medicine. Coaching completely turned this around. I went from being certain that I was done with medicine to becoming excited again about the ministry that God called me to. I am truly amazed at how quickly this transformation occurred. With a few direct questions and active listening, my coach helped me to clarify my jumbled thoughts. She pushed me to dream and imagine what my practice could possibly look like. Things that I didn’t think would ever happen are now taking place after just a few weeks.”

Ken Jones


CMDA Area Director, San Francisco Bay Area

Ken Jones has been a member of CMDA’s field staff since 2004, serving as area director for the San Francisco Bay Area and Redding. He has been a pastor for 46 years and is a certified Physician Life Development Coach.

He currently coaches healthcare professionals across the United States and Europe. He has written four books and numerous articles on topics ranging from parenting and spiritual life to leadership development and marriage issues. He and his wife Randee have been married for 46 years, have three sons and six of the most amazing grandchildren on the planet. He loves to read, write and watch…St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

“A year ago I became the director of a busy hospital’s Pathology department, and all of a sudden my life became much more complex. I conversed (with my coach) over several weeks using Skype or telephone. He understands physicians and our challenges. He asks great, penetrating questions that cut right to the chase. Going through the process of coaching even helped me start coaching my own assistants, rather than solving all of their problems for them. Now, life is a lot less hectic.”