Upcoming Events & Conferences

We host a variety of more than 40 topical, local, regional and national conferences each year for our members, offering training and networking opportunities. Our events are some of the best opportunities for you to fellowship with other Christian healthcare professionals from all across the world. For more information about CMDA events, please contact our Meetings Department.

2020 New Medical Missionary Training

Aug 13-16, 2020
Your mission sending organization will give you a general orientation to missions. This conference focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities in healthcare missions overseas. This conference is for everyone who will be involved in any healthcare ministry—not just physicians and dentists! If you are married, bring your spouse.

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2020 WPC Virtual Conference

September 17 – 20, 2020:
Women Physicians in Christ (WPC) is the refuge where your fast-paced life meets refreshment, rest and renewal! Join us in 2020 for fellowship, inspiration, medical education and networking at our unique annual conference. Share the blessings by bringing a friend or colleague with you!

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Knoxville CMDA Fall Banquet

September 24, 2020
Join us for a special evening for healthcare professionals and spouses to enjoy fellowship with others as well as relax and learn about ways to mitigate many of the challenges we face and avoid anxiety, depression and burnout.

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501 Foundations for Christian Coaching – Online Seminar

September 28-November 16, 2020
You’re invited to an Online Seminar! The need has never been greater for excellent listening and empowering communication. Get trained with skills for supporting your colleagues, patients and staff through this pandemic and beyond.

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Emerging Leaders in Dentistry Conference

October 31, 2020
FULL Joy! Finding It, Living It, Sharing It This year’s conference provides unprecedented opportunity for students to explore their future, with at least 15 different topics to choose from, presented by doctors from all across the country sharing their passion and knowledge.  Each session will include an opportunity for questions related to personal challenges and concerns.

2020 Global Missions Health Conference

November 12-14, 2020
25th Anniversary (Virtual) Global Missions Health Conference 2020. CMDA is a partner with GMHC. We are planning and developing this experience with quality and excellence so you can connect and learn along with thousands of other people interested in healthcare missions. We’re excited about the variety of speakers, a wide range of exhibiting organizations, and some special new events. We look forward to seeing you online this November.

Remedy 2021

January 9-10, 2021
LIVE ONLINE NATIONAL EVENT: Join us for two half-days, January 9 & 10, 2021. Come for worship. Watch live TED talks from New York City, Bristol, Riverside and Memphis and ask speakers your questions. Chat live with breakout speakers. Peruse our Exhibit Hall and chat with reps from healthcare and service organizations. Finally, select and attend a Zoom topical meet-up after the conference has concluded!

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2021 CMDA West Coast Winter Conference

January 21-24, 2021
The 2021 CMDA West Coast Winter Conference, at the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center, offers CMDA members and their guests the opportunity to hear outstanding inspirational and educational speakers while enjoying the scenic, even iconic and inimitable Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coastline. The combination of informal didactic sessions, group discussions, Q & A and plenty of free time for Saturday afternoon family activities, creates a refreshing investment for professional and personal renewal.

CMDA National Convention 2021

April 29 – May 2, 2021
Lifeway Conference Center in Ridgecrest, North Carolina

This convention provides great opportunities for you to transform as you fellowship with Christian healthcare professionals, learn about current health and social issues, renew your faith through worship and network with exhibiting organizations. You don’t want to miss this event!

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CMDA Marriage Enrichment Weekend – Palm Coast, FL

November 12-14, 2021
The effects of today’s healthcare professions have taken its toll on marriages. Increasing time pressures, fiscal burdens, continuing education requirements and countless demands have made building strong marriage relationships all the more difficult. CMDA recognizes a need to provide healthcare couples with an opportunity to nurture and grow in their marital relationships.

2022 Northeast Winter Conference

January 14-16, 2022
The CMDA Northeast Winter Conference brings Christians in healthcare from all levels of training and practice, specialty and disciplines—and their families— to the Chesapeake Bay with the express purpose of providing a restful environment in which to reconnect with God’s purpose for their lives. A few days away from the busyness of practice or training may be just what you need to get a renewed sense of who you are in Jesus and why you are in Medicine or Dentistry! Dr. Steve Sartori, Director of the Center for Well-being, will be our speaker this year.

Joint Providership Activities

Teaching Healthcare in a Global Setting: A Workshop for Educators

September 10-12, 2020:
Healthcare education is the new frontier of medical missions. Do you teach or are you planning to teach in an international medical school, residency, or other healthcare training program? This workshop will help you provide quality academics while navigating cultural considerations.