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CMDA Today (Formerly Today’s Christian Doctor™) is a full-color, quarterly magazine devoted to today’s issues in healthcare, including inspirational testimonies from fellow Christian healthcare professionals, public policy updates, glimpses into the future of healthcare and examples of how to integrate your faith into your practice.

This quarterly journal is distributed to our members. Many of our members tell us their families and patients enjoy reading this award-winning publication. While articles teach healthcare professionals how to integrate faith into their practice, it also includes testimonials from fellow Christian healthcare professionals, stories from the mission field and information on public policy issues.

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CMDA Today Edition

CMDA Today – Winter 2022

In the Winter 2022 edition of CMDA Today, Building a Foundation to Recovery by David Holmes, MD, Healing from the Violence of Busyness by Emmy Yang, MD, MTS, Your Body Will Be Whole, by Kathryn Butler, MD, Losing Our Language to Bureaucratic Jargon by John Patrick, MD; and more!
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Losing Our Language to Bureaucratic Jargon

As is often the case, this quarterly column is heavily dependent on my current reading. This time it is Roger Scruton’s Fools, Frauds and Firebrands. Healthcare professionals are being pressured into all sorts of actions, actions which make them uncomfortable and undermine their deepest commitment to the good of the patient.
CMDA Today Article

The Season of Light Around the World

As the trappings of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons emerge around us in North America, things look and feel quite different for our colleagues serving around the world. For cross-cultural missionaries serving far from home, this time of year is complicated.
CMDA Today Article

Healing from the Violence of Busyness: Five Biblical and Theological Reflections on Time and Work

When a medical code alert went off, my team took the stairs and not the elevators to save us precious seconds in the resuscitation. A “good” intern, I learned, gets their notes done as soon as possible.
CMDA Today Article

Your Body Will Be Whole: Meditations on Heaven

During my surgical training, I helped care for an aging professor who bemoaned his declining health. His mind still moved in academic circles, pondering the high points of chemistry and physics, but arthritis had so fused the bones in his neck that he couldn’t nestle into a pillow anymore.
CMDA Today Article

A Time to EMBRACE Recovery

As those called to the healing profession, we have all lived and practiced through old and unprecedented new challenges in our careers. We can all agree the last few years have surely been unlike any we have ever experienced before in our lives.
CMDA Today Article

Turning the World Right-side Up!

Paul was accused of seditious behavior—disturbing the peace, turning the world upside down—simply for speaking publicly about Jesus, and he was imprisoned for it. The Christian community, particularly evangelicals, have largely avoided turning the world upside down.
CMDA Today Article

God Sightings

Sent home, shut in isolation, studying in our bedrooms, trying to survive our first year of medical school, and we weren’t even at school! When the four of us entered medical school in the Detroit, Michigan area in fall of 2020, it certainly trumped any expectations we had.