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Why CMDA Matters...

"CMDA provides a much-needed voice for Christians in the medical professions—both inward (support and encouragement and service to members) and outward (to the watching world and the healthcare industry at large). Thank God for CMDA." – Tim B.

"I can truly say that CMDA is EASILY one of the most Spiritual-Minded networks I've ever been a part of. What an amazing group of people with an awesome mission! Global network of physicians, nurses... all kinds of healthcare professionals who travel the world to help bring hope and healthcare to places where hope & healthcare are almost non-existent." - Cody

"So thrilled to see such a forum connecting Christian health professionals." – Irene S.

"This is an organization which, since my beginning Medical School in 1978, has helped remind me of my reason for being in medicine and my reason for living: to know Christ and to make Him known" – Bruce G.

"Amazing mission oriented organization that ministers to medical and dental students and professionals." -  Pamela

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NOTE: CMDA does not provide healthcare services. The mission of CMDA is to educate, encourage and equip Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God. If you are seeking healthcare services, we provide a member search directory on this page that you can use to find a healthcare professional in your area.

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