Right of Conscience Resources

Your Health Professional Rights in Law

A number of federal laws protect your exercise of faith and conscience. Learn more how these laws apply to morally fraught issues like abortion and assisted suicide and protect you from job loss, discrimination in education, loss of privileges and more.

Conscience-Protecting Regulations

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) has introduced several new regulations designed to protect freedom of religion and your conscience rights. Learn more.

Discriminated Against? Get Help.

Filing a complaint with HHS is simple and straightforward: You simply relate your story of what happened—who, what, when, where. Learn more.

Freedom2Care can also link you with religious freedom law firms that provide pro bono legal aidLearn more.

Recent Court Cases

In a number of court cases, we're winning the battle to protect your freedom of faith, conscience and speech—including our most recent victory that won a nationwide injunction against an Obamacare mandate that attempted to redefine "sex discrimination" beyond biology and disallowed medical judgment and conscience. Learn more.

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