New Small Group Study

As Christians, we are called to be advocates for God’s Word, and we are called to speak truth into ethical issues and courageously stand up for what’s morally right according to our beliefs. But in order to engage others in these discussions with grace and kindness, first we need to arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding of each of these topics.

We are here to help you in Bridging the Gap.

Developed by expert healthcare professionals, this new small group study is designed to ask difficult, thought-provoking questions as we seek the truth found in God’s Word about the ethical issues facing Christians today.

Session Topics

  • Addictions
  • Beginning of Life
  • End of Life
  • Gender Identity
  • Right of Conscience
  • Sexuality


Developed to be used by small groups in a question and answer format to stimulate discussion, each session includes multiple scriptural, scientific and medical references. It is helpful to have someone from the healthcare field facilitate the discussion, but that’s not a requirement.


Some of these topics are divisive, but we are called as Christians to ask these difficult, questions. In the end, we pray it will stimulate minds and stir hearts toward God as we educate and encourage those who seek the truth.

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