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What matters to you matters to CMDA.

CMDA Matters is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Mike Chupp discussing the latest topics that matter to Christians in healthcare.

Christian Doctor's Digest™ is the premier audio resource for Christian healthcare professionals. Hosted by CMDA CEO Dr. David Stevens, Dr. Gene Rudd and Dr. Mike Chupp, it is an audio magazine distributed in a CD format to CMDA members six times each year through the mail.

In addition, a monthly podcast of Christian Doctor’s Digest™ is distributed through our CMDA App, through iTunes and posted on the CMDA website. Each issue includes a variety of interviews with experts in various fields pertaining to Christian healthcare professionals.

Topics include bioethics, healthcare missions, financial stewardship, marriage, family and much more. Dr. John Patrick, Joni Eareckson Tada, Dr. Nancy Pearcey, Dr. Ryan Anderson and Dr. Walt Larimore and are among the many guests who have appeared on Christian Doctor's Digest™.

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