Scholarship | Hood Medical Mission Scholarship


To inspire medical students to experience healthcare missions throughout the world. By doing so, the founders of this endowment are hopeful that recipients will be inspired to begin their lifetime commitment to medical missions, meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of those they have the privilege of serving.


You must be:

  1. A CMDA member
  2. A 4th year medical student enrolled in an approved US medical school, with priority given to CMDA student leaders
  3. Participating in a short-term clinical rotation or mission, serving at a mission hospital outside the United States.


Applications are reviewed at the beginning of each month. Your application and letter of recommendation must be received at least a month before your trip, but additional lead time is helpful in ensuring any funds awarded are sent out before you travel. Applications must be submitted online via the form on this page.



Awards will be announced by email within one month after each monthly deadline. The grant is to be used for trip fees, transportation and project-related expenses. The maximum award is $2,000.



Travel must be completed within twelve months from the date of award.

Recipients are required to submit a typewritten report to CMDA within thirty days after completion of the overseas experience, including photographs if possible.  The report should contain a summary of activities and an assessment of the value of the experience for the grant recipient. Please keep the report to 1,000 words or less.

The recipient is also asked to write a letter of appreciation to the donors, Dr. Tony Hood and Claudia Hood. This should be submitted at the same time as the trip report so that it can be forwarded to the donor.

Due to limited funding, this program is not intended to duplicate other award programs where funding has been given.  Where partial funding has been provided from other sources, the CMDA award would be limited to the amount necessary to meet (but not exceed) full travel and project-related expenses.  If full funding has been provided by other organizations, churches, mission board or foundation awards, applicants are requested to notify the Christian Medical & Dental Associations

For questions, please contact Administrative Assistant-Volunteer for Center for Advancing Healthcare Missions.

Contact the Administrative Assistant/Volunteer for the Center for Advancing Healthcare Missions:

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.

Westra Short-Term Mission Scholarship Information

Online Application:

Before an application will be considered, a letter of recommendation from the applicant's pastor or CMDA staff member must be submitted.  The letter should highlight the applicant's spiritual maturity and involvement in ministry. The reference is an attempt to gain a 360-degree look at you from those who have deep knowledge of your calling, spiritual commitment, passion for evangelism and your ability to work in an overseas missionary context. Letter of recommendation should be sent to the Administrative Assistant/Volunteer for the Center for Advancing Healthcare Missions.

  • Application

    Before completing this application, please thoroughly read the guidelines for this award. Please give thoughtful and complete responses to every question. If after submitting you do not receive a message thanking you for completing the application, please contact the Administrative Assistant/Volunteer for the Center for Advancing Healthcare Missions.
  • For security reasons, you may call CMDA at 423-844-1000 to verbally submit your social security number after you complete and submit this online application.
  • If married, please list spouse's name and whether they'll be traveling with you.
  • Mission/Rotation Details

  • Start date of intended service.
  • I understand that if my application is accepted, I will be responsible for my own actions, and further agree to release CMDA and waive any claims of whatever nature against CMDA arising from any act of any person, corporation or entity not under the direct supervision and control of CMDA. I have read and understood the conditions of this scholarship, agree to abide by them and accept full responsibility should I receive an award. Before submitting your application, please copy your application from this page and save it to a Word document. If after submitting you do not receive a message thanking you for completing the application, please contact the Administrative Assistant/Volunteer for the Center for Advancing Healthcare Missions. Thank you for your patience.