It’s About Time for a Donor-Advised Fund

October 12, 2023
Stewardship DAF

4 Timely Considerations


More and more supporters give to CMDA through their donor-advised funds.


Like a “charitable giving account,” a donor-advised fund allows you to give cash, stock and other appreciated assets into a single online account. From there, you can recommend grant distributions to CMDA and the other causes close to your heart.


Why are donor-advised funds so popular? For many people, it’s all about time.


  1. Receive an immediate tax deduction at the time of your gift. Trying to beat the clock for end-of-the-year giving? As long as your gift is deposited by December 31, you can claim credit on this year’s taxes. Later, you can advise how to distribute the funds.


  1. Choose the timing of your distributions. Whenever you feel compelled to give, you can promptly direct funds to address real-time ministry needs.


  1. Save time-wasting hassles when giving stock, real estate, business interests or commodities. Your donor-advised fund administrator will handle the liquidation of appreciated assets that you’d like to convert into cash for ministry.


  1. Save time when giving to multiple ministries. Because you have a generous heart, we know you probably support other causes besides CMDA. Streamline your giving and record-keeping by gifting all cash, stock or other appreciated assets into a single account from which you’ll receive one charitable receipt.


Is it time for you to consider a donor-advised fund?


Through CMDA’s partnership with Barnabas Foundation, you have access to their Steward’s Fund, a donor-advised fund in line with your Christian values. To learn more, call Paul Montgomery at 423-844-1000 or email

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