Kenneth E. Dudley, MD

Kenneth Earl Dudley, MD teaches Ethics and Epidemiology at Michigan State University (MSU) College of Human Medicine as an associate professor. His PowerPoint presentations have been outreach events for medical and college students, or tailored to CMDA and church audiences. He has a BA in Bible-Theology from Moody Bible Institute, a BS in Biology and an MD from MSU.  He has practiced as a board certified Family Physician since 1983.

Dr. Dudley speaks on the following topics:

  • Evidence-Based Faith
    • Does Faith Eliminate the Need for Evidence?
    • Will Science make Faith Obsolete?
    • Do Any Types of Evidence Support Faith?
    • Does Evidence for Faith meet Scientific Standards?
    • Can Supernatural Evidence for Faith be seen today?
    • How does Evidence for Faith Apply to Me?
  • Who’s Destroying the Temple of God (before 25 years of age)?
  • Who’s Destroying the Temple of God (before 65 years of age)?

Traveling from Grand Haven, Michigan

Contact him at or call 616-916-7347.

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