Making God Smile

October 24, 2023

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name” (Psalm 100:4, NIV).


It was a number I didn’t recognize and answered too late. When I called back, no one picked up. Later the same number called me and said, “Dr. ___?” I recognized her voice from the past immediately. I called her name and said, “You must have butt dialed me.”


“It may have been my backside,” she said, “but it’s great to hear your voice.”


It had been many years. She had worked for a referring physician, and I had cared for her through metastatic breast cancer with a miraculous cure a decade before. We shared our stories for a few minutes, and then she was gone.


We are so privileged to care for one another. It’s part of the nature of God.


When a patient or friend comes to us with deep need, and we are able to offer help, we are so blessed to be given that opportunity.


Sometimes, down the road, we are reminded of that blessing, and smile.


God must feel a bit like this when we turn to Him and remember with thanks a touch of comfort or healing that He provided.


I look at each of my children and remember a time in each of their lives when God came in power to comfort, protect or heal—the same for my wife, the same for me. I remember times of worship where I felt so close to God that, regardless of the tumult around me, I felt real joy and understood for the moment my reason for being.


I remember people whom He has allowed me to help in comfort or healing.


I remember times of tears He has replaced with joy, and other tears He has replaced with trust.


At this moment, I hold all of these memories up to Him with thanksgiving, and I hope it makes Him smile.


Dear Father,

Let me remember and bow down with gratitude.


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