A Student’s Journey of Generosity

About Our Guest

Luke Okamuro

Luke Okamuro is a second-year osteopathic medical student at Touro University, California. He grew up in sunny Southern California. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California, San Diego. Luke has been serving as the president of the Touro CMDA chapter. Last year, club highlights included attending a Generous Giving JOG, Remedy West ‘23, and going on a GHO trip to Guatemala. Luke is passionate about seeing Christians live out their faith in medicine. He believes that a relationship with Christ, coupled with a biblical worldview, can empower Christians to be leading physicians in compassion, integrity, and service. Equipped to care for both body and soul. Luke hopes to become a family medicine physician in the future.

Bill and Luke discuss the impact and importance of an unique weekend experience called a “Journey of Generosity” (JOG). Luke talks about how this JOG impacted not only his own spiritual journey but also the campus ministry at large.

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