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Are You Confused Concerning God’s Will for Your Life?

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Dr. Weir is a clinical and academic physician in Memphis TN. He has served in medical missions in 1983-1985, continues to serve with Albanian Health Fund with educational evangelism mission in Albania for 30 years. He has found much of his pathway for service through CMDA, within his local CMDA group, as president for national CMDA, as Vice President for Campus and Community Minsitries from 2005-2008. He has written a number of books with CMDA, including Decisions and When Your Doctor Has Bad News. He loves to run, read, write and play with his grandkids. He is devoted to his wife and to Jesus Christ.

Host Bill Reichart and Dr. Al Weir discuss the 12 steps that get us on the pathway to knowing God's will. Additionally, Dr. Weir discusses his book, Decisions, and how Christ followers should live their decision making lives.

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