Diving Deep into LGBTQIA+ and the Political Divide

On this week’s episode of CMDA Matters, Dr. Mike Chupp and Dr. Jeff Barrows are joined by Elizabeth Woning from the CHANGED Movement to discuss the political divide caused by LGBTQ identities and culture.






Meet Our Guest


Elizabeth Woning is co-director of the CHANGED Movement, a worldwide network of people who have questioned their sexuality (or are questioning) and have chosen to turn away from LGBTQ identities and culture. She attended seminary openly lesbian before her faith led her to emotional healing and restoration in her sexuality. Elizabeth’s work focuses on the intersection of faith with culture pertaining to same-sex sexuality and gender identity. She is an outspoken voice advocating for the legal rights of Christians with same-sex sexual attraction or gender dysphoria to abandon LGBTQ in their lives to align with their biological sex. In addition to member support and church equipping, CHANGED Movement works with politicians and think tanks providing insight and messaging on the LGBTQ experience. Elizabeth is currently completing her Doctor of Ministry degree at Houston Christian University. She resides in Northern California with her husband Doug. changedmovement.com | @changedmvmt

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