Dream Brave with Dr. Wai Jia Tam

On this week’s episode of CMDA Matters, Dr. Mike Chupp is joined in the studio by Dr. Wai Jia Tam from Singapore. A multi-award-winning international humanitarian doctor and speaker, Dr. Tam shares about her new book entitled Dream Brave.





Meet Our Guest


Dr. Wai Jia Tam is a multi-award-winning international humanitarian doctor and speaker who has given keynote presentations on the power of dreams around the world. Selected for Forbes Asia’s inaugural 30 under 30 list, she has consulted for and given inspirational talks to prestigious establishments such as the United Nations and World Health Organization. The founder of Kitesong Global, she has been featured in numerous international media outlets, and travels extensively for global missions work. Learn more at kitedreams.org or follow her on Instagram @TamWaiJia.

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