Honor the Lord with Thanksgiving

Pastor Bert Jones shares a special message about the importance of honoring the Lord this Thanksgiving by spending time offering thanks for all the blessings we received this year from our Savior.



Meet Our Guest

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Pastor Bert L. Jones serves as CMDA’s Vice President of Missions & Member Care. In this role, Bert oversees all the mission outreach ministries of CMDA and the Center for Well-being. He also serves as chaplain of CMDA. Since 1988, Bert has led multiple teams across the street and around the world. Bert has traveled on five different continents and to more than 33 different countries to teach and preach the gospel. He has engaged in leadership development nationally and internationally throughout his ministry. Bert co-authored the book Servant Leadership Proverbs in 2017 with Dr. David Stevens. Prior to this project, Dr. Stevens and Bert co-authored the book Leadership Proverbs. Bert is also the author of Practical Youth Ministry and A Leadership Journal from a Leader’s Journey.


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