ICMDA in Brazil

On this week’s episode of CMDA Matters, Dr. Mike Chupp shares a live conversation he had with Dr. Haniel Eller from Brazil during the 2024 CMDA National Convention.



Meet Our Guest


Haniel Eller, MD, MSc, is an accomplished medical professional with diverse international experience. He graduated in medicine and specialized in internal medicine and geriatrics. Fluent in five languages, including Russian, Portuguese, English, Spanish and French, Dr. Eller excels in connecting with patients and doctors from diverse backgrounds. He and his wife Ana, an OB/Gyn, served as missionary doctors in Angola. Now, besides the clinical work they are devoted parents to Gabriel and Juliana. Dr. Eller serves as the Associate Executive Officer (AEO) for Latin America and Portuguese Africa within the International Christian Medical & Dental Association (ICMDA). His dedication to excellence to God, combined with his Christian values and linguistic skills, makes him a valuable tool in God’s hand for building His kingdom in the region.

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