Standing Up for the Vulnerable in Indiana

Dr. Thomas Huth and Dr. David Donaldson are two physicians in Indiana who recently engaged with their state medical society to stand up and protect the vulnerable through advocacy.





Meet Our Guest

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Dr. Tom Huth is an internist in Indiana with more than 30 years of clinical, administrative and leadership experience. Since his retirement from corporate medicine, his mission is to help ignite a re-engagement of physicians-of-conscience in the processes of organized medicine in order to deflect its moral trajectory back toward the Hippocratic ideal, and away from the moral abyss of anti-life ideology.

After graduating undergraduate school from the University of Kentucky in 1992, Dr. David Donaldson went to medical school at UK and graduated in 1992. He then completed anesthesia residency at University of Louisville in 1996. He practiced in Pensacola, Florida for nearly five years before moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he has been for 22 years as an anesthesiologist. He’s been involved with CMDA since his first year of medical school, and he’s now been Chapter Sponsor and Campus Advisor for Indiana University Medical School Fort Wayne Campus for 12 years. Also, he has served as Indiana Co-director for the American Academy of Medical Ethics for seven years. Dr. Donaldson has been married to his wife Angie for 29 years, and they have five kids and three grandchildren. Presently, he is a Fort Wayne Medical Society Board member and member of the Indiana State Medical Association. His outside interests are wake-surfing, target shooting, golfing and exercising.

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