The Soul of Desire

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Psychiatrist, speaker and author Dr. Curt Thompson connects our intrinsic desire to be known with the need to tell truer stories about ourselves—showing us how to form deep relationships, discover meaning and live integrated, creative lives. Psychiatrist Curt Thompson, MD, brings together a dialect of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) and a Christian anthropology to educate and encourage others as they seek to fulfill their intrinsic desire to feel known, valued and connected. Curt understands that deep, authentic relationships are essential to experiencing a healthier, more purposeful life—but the only way to realize this is to begin telling our stories more truly. His unique insights about how the brain affects and processes relationships help people discover a fresh perspective and practical applications to foster healthy and vibrant lives, allowing them to get unstuck and move toward the next beautiful thing they’re being called to make. Through his workshops, speaking engagements, books, organizational consulting, private clinical practice and other platforms, Dr. Thompson helps people process their longings, grief, identity, purpose, perspective of God and perspective of humanity, inviting them to engage more authentically with their own stories and their relationships. Only then can they can feel truly known and connected and live into the meaningful reality they desire to create.

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