CMDA Stewardship Development


George Courtney and Jamie Mijeski of CMDA’s Stewardship Department share practical advice on financial stewardship and serving God rather than mammon.

About Our Guest

George Courtney is CMDA’s Vice President of Stewardship & Legacy Giving. George has helped Christian families with charitable gift and legacy planning for 30 years. He has served CMDA members and their families for 15 years. George’s wife, Rose, has worked with the CMDA Placement Service for 27 years. They live in Piney Flats, TN and have one “mostly” adult son.

Jamie Mijeski is CMDA’s Regional Director of Stewardship Development. She holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and has worked in development for seven years. In her role with CMDA, Jamie enthusiastically serves members and donors through their partnership in giving to the ministry to meet their philanthropic goals while making a Kingdom impact.

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