Discipleship as Relationship

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Roger Matkin

Roger was born and spent his early years in Del Rio, Texas on the US/Mexican border. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Physics from Texas A&M University in 1967, earned his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1970, and his Doctor of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1988 with a focus on nurturing spiritual growth. During his career in campus ministry, Roger served on seven campuses in Weatherford, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. In 1994, Roger was asked to begin a local CMDA ministry in San Antonio and the UT Health Science Center. He embraced the opportunity to impact student lives during these critical years and formed lasting relationships which span four decades. In retirement, the author continues to pursue his life passions: spending time with Melva, his wife of 54 years, and his “kids” and grandkids, fishing, hunting, charcuterie, cooking, carpentry, gardening, and writing. “Putting It All Together” is exactly what the title suggests: a compilation of much that the author has learned on the anvil of experience, taught to students, written about in a variety of formats, and confirmed in the day-to-day rhythms of living the Christian life.

Bill Reichart talks to Roger Matkin, from San Antonio, about the importance and impact of discipleship from his latest book, “Putting It All Together.”

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