Fuz Rana: Humans 2.0

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Will technology usher in a new future, or have we gone too far? Unprecedented developments in bioengineering, biotechnology and biomedicine—breakthroughs that could improve the lives of people with debilitating diseases and injuries—can also serve as stepping-stones to technologies that can enhance human beings and alter human nature, raising fears about how biotechnologies could be misused. Should we discourage advances in biotechnology and bioengineering that can be used for human enhancement? Or should we take control of our own “evolution” and usher in a posthuman age? Is there another option?

In Humans 2.0, authors Fazale “Fuz” Rana and Kenneth Richard Samples open a window to the new world of human enhancement technologies and transhumanism, their promises, potential and pitfalls.

This week’s interview on CMDA Matters with Dr. Mike Chupp features Fazale “Fuz” Rana as we discuss this dilemma of technology.

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