Loving Patients Battling Substance Abuse


Drs. Timothy and Nikki Allen to talk about their work serving the underserved, especially those who are struggling with addiction on this podcast episode.



About Our Guest(s)

Timothy and NIkki Allen - dentalsoundbyes

Drs. Timothy and Nikki Allen have been privileged to be Family Physicians serving the people in Cudahy, Saint Francis, and the surrounding areas since 2003. We have as our primary value system what is best for the patient, not what is best for a health care organization, and we are excited to be part of an independent medical group where we can provide the best medical care we can to anyone interested in the most cost-conscious way possible focusing on ensuring each of our patients knows that they matter. We seek to listen to what is going on in your life, to focus on preventive health care, to identify possible diagnoses for symptoms that are bothersome, to offer options for treatment with a focus on making sure you understand what we are suggesting and why, then to allow you to choose what is best for your own life.

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