CMDA 2021 Servant of Christ

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Dr. Andrew Sanders joins Dr. Mike Chupp on this week’s CMDA Matters podcast to discuss his Servant of Christ award and ministry.


Meet Our Guest

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Dr. Andrew Sanders graduated from the University School of Medicine in 1977 and did his residency in Internal Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. After serving several years as an Army physician, Dr. Sanders entered private practice in 1988, in Augusta, GA.   Shortly after arriving in Augusta, Dr. Sanders’ path took an unexpected turn.  He helped to bring Bible Study Fellowship to Augusta, and Dr. Sanders served as the first teaching leader for that class for the next 11 years.  Another unexpected turn occurred at the end of those 11 years.  Dr. Sanders and his wife, Ilene, sold their house and prepared for any next step the Lord might have for them.  That next step turned out to be CMDA.  Dr. Sanders served over the next 20 years as the Area Director for CMDA in Augusta, GA.  In 2012 another unexpected turn occurred, leading Dr. and Mrs. Sanders to move to Eastern Europe where they lived and ministered for the next 5 years.  Back in the US now, Dr. and Mrs. Sanders remain involved with the work in Eastern Europe where they have seen extension of that ministry into a neighboring country. In Augusta, Dr. Sanders continues to care for patients, and is involved weekly with the local CMDA outreach to area colleagues.  Dr. Sanders and Ilene have 5 children and 12 grandchildren.  On the side, Dr. Sanders is an aspiring pianist and a very fledgling traditional archer.


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