SOGI Challenges & Change Allowing Therapy

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Dr. Laura Haynes joins Dr. Mike Chupp on this week’s CMDA Matters podcast to discuss the difference between conversion therapy and change allowing therapy and the danger of gender affirmation.


Meet Our Guest

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Dr. Laura Haynes is a psychologist retired from clinical practice after more than 40 years’ experience. Her degrees in psychology and theology include three masters degrees and a Ph.D. She has testified before legislative hearing committees in several states on bills regarding sexuality and gender. Presently, she is an international political activist, writer, and speaker on issues related to sexuality, gender, and therapy. She has trained mental health providers, medical professionals, and activists from 27 countries and presented to United Nations diplomats and high level government officials. Dr. Haynes is on the General Board of the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice and is the organization’s U.S.A. Country Representative. She is a former regional president of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies. She serves on sexuality and gender research committees or task forces for several professional organizations.



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