The Center for Well-being – The Next Chapter


On this final episode of The Healthy Doctor Podcast, Dr. Mike Chupp is host to Dr. Steve Sartori and Rev. Bert Jones, as they converse about the CMDA Center for Well-being and the transition of leadership.

About Our Guest

Dr. Steve Sartori is a physician life and leadership coach, who helps doctors and other healthcare professionals align with God, optimize well-being and maximize influence. A graduate of The Medical College of Wisconsin, he has been CEO of a private group practice, chief of staff at two hospitals, faculty member for a family medicine residency program, and chief medical officer for a faith-based community health center. He has served CMDA as a board member and treasurer, and has participated in mission trips to Jamaica, Thailand, Romania, Kenya, and Eswatini. He is married, with two adult children, and enjoys traveling and sports. An avid fan of the Green Bay Packers, he can sometimes be seen wearing a cheesehead.

Bert Jones serves as the Director of Leadership & Church Relations for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) in Bristol, TN.  In this role, Bert  oversees the Center for Wellbeing and church ministries.   Bert also serves as the Chaplain of the CMDA.

Since 1988 Bert has led multiple teams across the street and around the world. Bert has traveled on 5 different Continents and to over 33 different Countries to teach and preach the Gospel.  He has engaged in Leadership development nationally and internationally throughout his ministry.

Bert coauthored the book “Servant Leadership Proverbs” in 2017, with Dr. David Stevens, published by the CMDA.  Prior to this project, Dr. Stevens and Bert coauthored the book “Leadership Proverbs” published by the CMDA as well.  Bert is also the author of “Practical Youth Ministry” published by Bristol books.

Bert holds his ordination through the Missionary Church USA.  The Missionary Church is an evangelical denomination committed to Church planting and world missions.  Bert is under special appointment from the Missionary Church to CMDA.




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