Ukraine Dental Outreach


Drs. John Pfefferle and Phil Aday, GHO veteran dentists undeterred by war in Ukraine, joined forces to provide care for orphans and refugees. Listen Now!

About Our Guest

Dr. John Pfefferle is currently a “retired pediatric dentist from private practice” who has been “rewired” into a very active participant in dentistry providing primarily extractions. He has served in numerous countries around the world, primarily with CMDA’s Global Health Outreach, but also with other ministries and various churches. Dental ministry has been his primary passion since his first trip to the Republic of Belarus in 1998. It has been his privilege to serve with such wonderful people as ambassadors of God, and he has made many meaningful relationships both in his home country and in those countries where he has served. 

Dr. Phillip Aday is a 1986 graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry.  He began serving in dental missions as a student and has remained involved in dental missions since graduation, eventually becoming a team leader for CMDA’s Global Health Outreach (GHO).  Since retiring from practice in December 2021, his goal is to remain active in dental missions domestically and internationally as long as the LORD permits.

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