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Unwavering Faith: The Extraordinary Journey of Two Nurses in Pursuit of Christ

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Rebecca Mocan: I have been working as a nurse for almost two years now. God called me into medicine from a young age with the hope that one day I would be able to use this knowledge to impact others around me for the Kingdoms advancement. The saying goes, “if you don’t have health, you don’t have anything,” but after having seen people at their worst in healthcare, I have found that if you don’t have Christ, even health is meaningless. I believe there is something supremely impactful in being able to be there for someone at the lowest point in their lives, to encourage them towards Christ. Since becoming a nurse, I have been on multiple medical missions trips and am planning to do many more in the future. However, the learning does not stop. I am an avid believer in continual learning and improvement, so because of that I am in the process of getting more medical certifications and possibly going back to school for a doctorate. Until then, I am continuing to seek Gods face and His will for my life, that I may be a vessel in His hands to accomplish His will.


Abby Burcheci: I’m an RN born and raised in Washington who came into the healthcare field because God called me to it. My parents are from Romania and I have 3 other sisters. From a young age I loved helping and working with people and knew I would one day love to experience work that wasn’t just a job but a calling. I never thought I could be a nurse but God opened the doors and truly brought me through it all; the schooling and getting into a good program and passing the state NCLEX. It has been so encouraging to me to look back and see how faithful God is and if God calls you to something He will bring you through it and equip you for the good works He has planned for us to walk in from before we were even born.

Have you ever decided to travel across the country, cover your own costs and show up to an event where you knew no one and knew little to nothing about the organization behind it? Listen to the stories from two women who did just that and how God blessed them because of their step of faith.

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