We’ve Got Your Back – Ergonomically Speaking

Providing dental treatment can be a physically tedious pursuit, often leading the dental team into strenuous positions that can compromise the health of our necks, backs, wrists, etc. Dr. Matthew Mattox, a physical therapist, was able to achieve great success in treating his wife Krystal’s ergonomic issues, enabling him to collect a wealth of information that he now provides for other dental personnel.  This podcast can put us all in better position for long-term clinical careers.



About Our Guest(s)

Drs. Mathew and Krystal Mattox are a married physical therapist and dentist duo who have helped several dental professionals and their teams learn how to prevent and overcome body pain caused by working in the dental office all day. After practicing dentistry for only a few years, Krystal started experiencing significant body pain at the end of every workday. Using his physical therapy experience Matthew observed Krystal in her work environment and created a solution to help improve her posture and ergonomic set-up at the office. As a result, Krystal not only started noticing her pain go away but it inspired the couple to start In Alignment – a company that equips dental teams with customized ergonomic and postural care solutions to help them practice dentistry with minimal to no discomfort.

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