WPDC Conference Scholarship

Qualifications (will be listed on first page of application for review)


-       Current CMDA member (membership is free to students and has many benefits)

o   Go to www.joincmda.org to join now

o   If you need to renew your membership, go to https://cmda.org/members/page/renew.

-       Currently enrolled female medical and dental students are given priority. Consideration is given to female medical and dental residents as well as medical and dental fellows who have financial need. Those with CME funds available are encouraged to use these first, if possible.

-       While female undergraduates or students in other disciplines (i.e.: nursing or PA training), are welcome to attend the conference at the $520 student rate, they are not eligible for scholarships.

-       It is anticipated many students will not be attending the entire conference, so if students cannot be there for the whole conference, partial student registration is available.

-       Lodging and transportation costs are not included in the scholarship but there will be some student housing available. If you are interested in getting some information about student housing options, please contact your student/resident representatives at wpdccouncil@gmail.com.

-       Expectation is that if you apply for and are given a scholarship that you make every effort to attend. If unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances, please communicate with us at WPDCcouncil@gmail.com as soon as possible so we can try to find someone to use that spot. Cancellations after August 16th will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. If you are granted a scholarship and do not show up to conference without any communication ahead of time, then the student rate of $520 will be charged to your credit card. Much effort has gone into the procurement of funds for the scholarships, and we do not want this wasted. Scholarship recipients who do not show up to the conference without adequate communication will not be eligible for future aid. If you are unable to attend, please email wpdc@cmda.org

-       We will consider applications on June 10, 2024 and August 5, 2024 and then on a first come first served basis leading up to August 16th which is 3 weeks prior to the conference at which time they will not be considered anymore.

-       We ask that students/residents who receive scholarship aid to submit a piece to be published in the “Trainee Thought” in the monthly WPDC Pulse. Topic should be related to training and/or faith. Submissions can be anywhere from 1-4 paragraphs. Please send submissions to wpdccouncil@gmail.com

-       We would love you to be involved more with the student and resident ministry of WPDC. If you are interested, please email our student and resident representatives at wpdccouncil@gmail.com

Online Application

I understand that I will be asked to securely provide my social security number (for tax purposes) and credit card number (in the event of a late cancel) if I am approved for a scholarship(Required)
I certify I am a CMDA member.(Required)
I understand that in the event I receive a scholarship but am unable to attend:(Required)
I understand that in the event I receive a scholarship but am unable to attend it is my responsibility to communicate in writing if circumstances come up and I am unable to attend. There will be a $50 late cancellation fee after August 16th and the full student registration cost will be charged if I do not communicate at all. If I do not communicate at all I will not be eligible for future scholarship aid. I will email WPDCcouncil@gmail.com in the event I am unable to attend.
I understand that once I am approved for a scholarship I still need to register for the conference through instructions that will be sent after approval.(Required)
I agree to send a submission for the “Trainee Thought” in the WPDC Pulse to wpdccouncil@gmail.com if I do receive a scholarship.(Required)