Training Medical Students to Care for Patients in Spanish

In the United States there are about 57 million Hispanic individuals, and approximately 40 percent of those have limited English proficiency. Research shows that language-discordance, where the patient and the clinician do not speak the same language, results in reduced access to health information, decreased satisfaction with care and worse health outcomes.

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First Fridays at the Mortons

My husband and I had just moved from Michigan to Texas for my first year of medical school at the University Health Science Center San Antonio. We walked up to the door of a house we had never visited, hand-in-hand wondering what the evening ahead would hold, with unfamiliar people, in this unfamiliar part of the country. As we arrived at the front door, we could hear the sounds of conversation mixed with laughter inside, along with the delicious aroma of cooking pizza tantalizing our taste buds. Another couple our age greeted us warmly while handing us an apron, sending us toward a buzzing kitchen to begin creating our “couple pizza” for the pizza bake-off contest! Wow! It was a Texas size welcome.

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Washington DC

Photo: Pixabay

CMDA DC serves to encourage and equip our local emerging and practicing healthcare professionals to continue in their good work in a culture that is counter to God’s Kingdom. We desire to minister to the spiritual needs of our students and healthcare professionals to develop and grow in faith throughout their careers as they treat bodies and souls locally and globally. We hope our work expands the local body of Believers that complements the faith-based and healthcare community and transforms our culture.

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