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Who do persons with mental health issues reach out to?

The Gathering on Mental Health and the Church in 2014 was a national event, founded by Kay Warren and her husband Rick, centering on the hope Jesus Christ can bring to those with mental illness. Healthcare professionals, pastors and others discussed the hopelessness that is present when people suffer silently due to their mental illness.

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Physician Burnout: Higher Resources of the Christian Psychiatrist

A nationwide survey was recently published by The Physicians Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting physicians. They found that 49 percent of 17,000 physicians reported symptoms of “burnout.” The survey cited the primary sources of dissatisfaction were regulatory and paperwork burdens, as well as loss of clinical autonomy.

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Educating the Conservative Evangelical Church about Mental Illness

Christians suffering from mental illness often hesitate to seek psychiatric care. The reasons for this are varied and numerous, but oftentimes the cause lies within our Christian communities which, at times, seem to stigmatize mental illness or suggest that psychiatric symptoms are the result of personal sin.

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