Jeff Barrows, DO: CMDA Public Policy

Dr. Jeff Barrows, CMDA’s new Senior Vice President for Bioethics & Public Policy, joins Dr. Chupp in this last issue of CMDA Matters for April. Dr. Barrows shares his testimony on becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, his journey into medical missions and the fight against human trafficking and his vision for the future of CMDA’s engagement in the public square.

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CMDA Statement: Advance Directives

Photo: Pixabay

Whereas modern medicine has made available technologies that can prolong life, medical science alone cannot answer questions of whether life-sustaining technologies should be used in particular circumstances or whether such technologies are consistent with patients’ goals of care, values, and beliefs about health, life, and death.

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Ethics of Immigration

Yesterday I attended a seminar at our hospital entitled “Immigration Ethics.” I was hoping to be enlightened on this complicated topic. Unfortunately, the only messages I got were that immigrants are people, too, and we should be humane in dealing with them. I heartily agree with these two points, but the issue is complex and entails a number of points on which many people cannot agree. One major question in discussing this is whether we are referring to legally documented or undocumented immigrants. Most of us are grateful for the legal, highly skilled immigrant engineers, scientists and physicians who make our lives better in many ways.

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CMDA Court Cases: Good News and Bad News

This month’s blog provides updates on two Christian Medical & Dental Associations federal lawsuits. The following case updates are information and help for healthcare professionals who have experienced discrimination on the basis of their faith and conscience.

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State Level

State_Level Public Policy

Christian Medical & Dental Associations provides grassroots support on issues at the state level. We do this by working collaboratively with like-minded coalitions, organizations and committees. We provide written testimony from CMDA Headquarters in Bristol, Tennessee and recruit and prepare CMDA members to testify. In some instances, we develop a task force of CMDA members who speak out on the issue to the media, educate their community and colleagues and contact legislators.

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